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Aurora comes from Latin, meaning “The Dawn.” It’s also the name of the beautiful Roman goddess of the morning light. I believe we all have multiple opportunities throughout life to make the decision that will change our course in history. We are all one decision away from living the life we’ve always dreamed of, or sleeping in a gutter. We can rectify our bad decisions. We are constantly making decisions; most of which have no effect on our future. What should I make for dinner? What shirt should I wear? Should I put on a hat? But every now and then a decision comes along that not only affects the outcome of our life, but the future of the world as well. This podcast is about the people who made these decisions and the effect they had on the world. I’m TJ Chrastil, here to remind you that your Aurora is just over the horizon.


TJ Chrastil

Podcast Creator and Host TJ Chrastil pulls from many experiences when writing his podcasts. At 17, TJ joined the Army and served 9 years with the Nebraska National Guard and finished his career, which included a tour to Iraq in 2004, as Recovery Sergeant. After his tour in Iraq, TJ was a founding member of the Band Fireside Innocence as lead singer and rhythm guitarist. Fireside Innocence disbanded in 2008. TJ worked Maintenance of Way with BNSF Railroad for two years. He then became an investigative reporter for the Nebraska City News Press and Syracuse Journal-Democrat, where he was the recipient of two awards from the Nebraska Press Association. He accepted a position with News Link as a Corporate Journalist, writing newsletters for BNSF and Union Pacific. TJ made a career change after 4 years as a journalist by becoming a Steamfitter with Omaha Steamfitters L.U. 464, where he is now employed. He is a single father of three children; Edward, 8, Maria, 7, and Esme, 6. He is also Co-host of Tales From the Workplace Podcast and Producer of When the Levee Breaks Podcast.