Unscripted S1 E1

I don’t know about you, but I came to a place in my life where I had resigned myself to the idea that my hopes and dreams would not be fulfilled. I decided surviving was enough for me; that fulfilling my responsibilities was all that mattered.

It’s not true.

Fulfilling our responsibilities is important, but we should never give up on trying to be what we dream of being. I started a podcast because I saw a need for people to be told it’s alright to better yourself. It’s alright to take chances at bettering your life if it doesn’t put others at risk.

I’m thirty four years old and I still want to be a Rockstar when I grow up. There’s nothing wrong with aspiring to greatness. All we have at the end of the day is our legacy. Our accomplishments are all that matter… and I’m not talking about our retirement points, our pension and our 401k… Those are important, but when we die people are going to remember us by our accomplishments, whether it be the skyscraper we helped build downtown, the book we wrote or the album we recorded. Nobody is going to remember how many pension points we had, but they will remember those amazing magic tricks you used to perform, or the small business you helped build.

It’s time to take back our lives. It’s time we stop following the herd and start following our heart. I hope this podcast ignites a fire. I hope you will start taking steps in your life towards fulfilling your dreams… We can do great things. We just have to believe in ourselves and summon our inner bad-ass. 

Until next time, choose your path wisely…

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