Unscripted S1 E4

We all have a rebellious nature… It’s not a bad thing.  A rebel goes against the grain. They do things most consider wrong… think about that… during prohibition, someone who drank beer was a rebel. During the 40’s and 50’s, if you were dancing and shaking your hips, you were being rebellious. It seems each generation finds its own way of rebelling against the previous one. Rebellion is how we evolve as people. It’s how we discover who we are and what we want as opposed to what everyone else wants us to be and expects us to be. Rebellion keeps us honest. It is what we need as people… I do find it funny that each political party in today’s two party system thinks they are rebellious.  They think they are going against the social norms, when they are both just following the status quo.  The true rebels are those who fight against injustice… the true rebels are those who help their common man… the true rebels are the bipartisan people who don’t care about the politics of anything, but want to help you be better regardless of who you voted for in the last election. In today’s society being a rebel means fighting against the tyrannical practices that are taking place on both sides of the aisle. It means fighting the injustices that are oozing forth from capitol hill… I’m not talking about hating Trump and I’m not talking about hating Obama, I’m talking about hating the current system, a system George Washington himself warned about during his farewell address… a system that robs us of our public liberty… a system that demonizes rebellion… a system that does not represent me… It’s about time for another American Revolution. It’s time to elevate the fundamental ideas our country was founded upon. It’s time for a Rebel Revival.