Unscripted S1 E5

The future is a scary place.  Anything that is unknown to us is always scary. Human’s are planners.  The fear of what will happen in the future often stifles the actions we take in the present. Out of fear, we don’t take risks.  Out of fear we put our dreams on hold.  Out of fear we settle.  We miss opportunities because of this. There are many ways to make money.  Everyday, I drive by neighborhoods that have miles and miles of large expensive houses for sale, brand new, nonetheless. Millions and millions of dollars worth of homes that have new tenants everyday. Maybe all of these people are simply in massive amounts of debt, but I choose to believe their success is the culprit. I imagine what choice they made to get to that point. See that mansion over there, the one with the tennis court and fountain, that guy is a neurosurgeon that has saved hundreds of people.  That one there with the Maserati parked out front, that guy is an astronaut.  Is it likely, no.  now, I know our success is not measure by what the Joneses have.  I’m not the type that would want a gigantic home, but it does make me think about success and what that word means to each person individually. Some of the most successful people in history died penniless and alone. So where am I going with this… well, I want you to think about the hard questions.  I want you to ask yourself, what’s the worst that can happen. If that worse case scenario doesn’t harm you or your family, and the best case scenario finds yourself happier and more fulfilled, then why not take the chance.  I will continue to drive this point home, we only have one life to live.  We only have one legacy to leave behind. Take that step everyday to get one move closer to fulfilling your dream. I have faith the Universe will reward you if you do.