Unscripted S1E6

People get hurt… easily as it turns out… most people it seems have the ability to look the other way. They don’t feel the repercussions of some of there decisions as it pertains to others. The human race is very selfish.  I’m not going to be talking about physical hurt today.  I’m going to talk about the emotional type.  You see, selfishness comes in many forms.  I am a very emotional being it’s a gift, and a curse, that I was born with. I try to please people at my own expense. I have been hurt and used more times than I can count.  I’m pretty sure all of us have been to some extent.  It took a long time for me to figure out how to stand up for myself.  How to tell people no.  I was so afraid of hurting others, that I lost myself in the process.  One day I looked in the mirror, and I couldn’t recognize the person I’d become.  I had spent years trying to become what others wanted and expected of my.  I had changed who I was to please others.  When I finally spoke out.  When I finally stood up and walked out, I discovered that I’d hurt more people in that moment than I had ever tried to save from hurt before.  The universe wants us to pursue our own enlightenment. It doesn’t want us to change who we are, it wants us to revel in who we are.  It wants us to tell people to take a hike when they try to change us.  People will get hurt when we do this, we are selfish, after all and like to think only of our own wants… but if they would only step back and admire the person before them… the person being true to themselves… they would realize you are doing them a favor.  If someone doesn’t like you for you, they wont like you no matter what you do to change. Be proud of who you are. Stay strong in your convictions. Be the phoenix you were meant to be. Be You… and that’s all I have for now.